As If: Pretty Faces and Whine

And you know the girls I’m talking about, the ones who get all the guys, call themselves ugly to fish for compliments, and play dumb. Yet this is what gets me…all that baby talk and “Why do guys always hit on me: ewww” works.

I’ve never been that girl. I don’t know how. It could be the fact I’m too obnoxious about my book smarts and I won’t dumb myself down for a guy. It could be I have enough esteem in my looks to consider myself pretty. It could be the fact I didn’t want to settle.

But this brings me back to a time where my sister’s best friend (who’s both sporty and a looker) had some guy troubles and exclaimed, “I just hate it when guys won’t leave me alone. Like you guys understand.” And me and my sister just looked at each other and laughed saying, “No.”

I guess what I want to point out is I know there are girls out there who want a boyfriend and who will change themselves for a guy and who think no guy will ever like them unless they change and become the shallow girls of the world. But do you really wanna be like them? Do you wanna give up everything that makes you you, everything that makes you tick, everything that makes you beautiful?

Because trust me, it’s not worth it.

And trust me, being one of the those girls at one time, what I can say is: your time will come. And the guy will realize what an amazing person you are for being you. But don’t force that to happen, don’t ever, ever, ever settle

Just be you. As my friend Julie says, “Just do you”. The most important thing is for you to be happy first, happy with your life and with your self. That way all your uniqueness, your realness, and your beauty will shine through unhindered.  And I promise, after that, everything will fall into place, and you won’t have to change a thing.


Risky or Risk-free

What is the appeal of risk?
I’m watching TV with my dad when an anti-depressant commercial comes on. He shakes his head and says “wait for the symptoms”. I do, only to hear suicide for young adults and stroke or death for the elderly.

“So you could just die. Either by suicide or stroke. Worth the risk?” He scoffs.

“But everything comes with some risk. That’s a fact of life.”
Is my feeble-minded response. But is it true? Are we merely attracted to things because of the risk? The bad boy, the R-rated movie, drugs, cigarettes, drinking…These are the norm. But what about other risks; good risks, if you will.

Are there such things? Is it worth the risk to put yourself on the line? Your work, your possible legacy. Is it worth it to risk your heart in love?

Is it worth it to live fearless, because you’ve been cautious scared all your life? Is it worth it to dream big even when the possibilities seem bleak?
Is it?

Does life always have to be risky? Or should it be risk-free?
What about both.

The reason I’m writing to you

You may know much about me or you may know very little. In case of the latter, let me start you off with the basics. My name is Gabby, I’m an 18 year old college student with a major in writing.
It is because of this I come to you to “hear my plea”; in other words, my advisor told me to put myself out there and to do using a modem of the internet, a la blog.
I am not saying you will agree with everything I post, and I am not saying that everything will be grandiose and wonderful, awe-inspiring and the next “Perks”.
But I do want you to hear me out because the truth is, I doubt myself; I doubt my writing and that is reason enough to put it out there.
Today Steve Almond visited and he told us to write our personality. It is because of him that I actually made myself a url, that I am actually reachable, susceptible to the blog world.
Be kind.