Good morning,
November 7th.
You may be interested to know,
He is on my mind;
Some infection clogging my senses,
A wall of mirrors in my mind where I see my lonely reflection,
And the countless problems of my life…

I’d do anything to forget you, now.
Now that he’s saying he wants me.
That’d eliminate a burden off the bat.
And maybe that’s jealousy; maybe that’s immature.
Maybe I’m vulnerable, throwing myself face first against another current.

But you started this game way before I decided to finish it:

You ignored me because you needed to back away,
For unknown reasons,
For some weird reason,
For her reasons…

And now it is my turn to ignore you,
By staying away
For some reasons,
For my reasons,
For his sake.

Because there will be no next time,
Without a goodbye to follow.

It has to be that way,
Or else we will repeat this cycle.


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