“God is my Strength”

The meaning of my name: Gabrielle.
Lately, I have forgotten that You will always guide me.
Lately, I have found myself falling.

I am a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason”,
That you lose something, so greater things can fall into place.
Yet I still hold firm to irrationalities,
And my comfort zone.

Pry my fingers from my ways
And let the blood I bleed,
Preach Your Word.
You alone know them, as well as
The path that I must follow in turn;
When I give You control,
When I let these burdens go.

You have greater things set ahead.
You have people in mind, that I haven’t even met.
And Lord, where you lead, I will follow,
Better yet,
Let me run, chase after Your dreams for me,
Cause there, my heart will be also.

And when burdens press down,
And knees feel weak,
Let me not cry,
Let me not scream.
For I was given a name,
I was shown Your beautiful grace.

And because of this, I will forever be changed,
Constantly praising You,
Singing: “God is my strength.”


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