October 2nd.

I wore sunglasses,

that you found too big and ostentatious.

I didn’t ask for your opinion,

I didn’t wear sunglasses for you;

(can’t say the same about dresses).

[And let’s not forget the crop top,

because mid-drift is exposed and I get a cough as a clear of the throat,

and “You look nice today”.]

I wasn’t your girlfriend.

I was just a girl in a Snow White top and too-short skirt,

a little bit of a flirt with her own fate.

With a boy who was an ass,

but she loved him.

Part of her thinks she always will.

And she knows if he even still cared,

that would bother him.

Because he could never love her back,

even if he wanted to.


as stated before,

it was easier for him to tear her down with phrases like


“Little Sister”

“Way to bring a new meaning to bug-eyed.”

I wasn’t your girlfriend,

and on days like that,

I wondered why I even wanted to be.


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