White Lines & Red Lights

I’m driving off my exit and I come to the light.

Pulling my car up slowly,

I watch out my window as the meter ticks off the seconds

before someone can’t cross anymore.

3, 2, 1.

And then,

my favorite moment happens.

The moment, where,

for just a split second, both lights are red,

a suspended moment in time.

I’m struck with fascination and awe,


Maybe it’s the beauty in the “flaw”,

maybe because it’s something that you would normally miss unless you were waiting for it.

But it could also be, in that in that small rip in the space-time continuum,

possibilities are endless.

If two lights can be red,

if both parties are stopped at mean’s end,

who’s to say caution can’t be thrown to the wind?

Who’s to say risks aren’t worth it,

and what is logic, if no one is moving forward?

If you aren’t moving forward,

but instead hanging onto a second of recklessness,

of complete abandon where the world is laid at your feet,

waiting for you to cross not only roads,

but rivers and oceans,

and climb hills as well as scale mountains?

Who says you aren’t unstoppable, completely invincible,

if it is possible for two lights to be red at once?

And when the light switches,

and that green arrow appears, part of my heart is lost,

part of my soul becomes only imagery,

and reality shatters all illusions of impossibility.



is how I feel with you.

Catch myself in

complete fascination and awe.



your hands in mine,

and they were freezing cold.

I warned you about girls, like me,

the ones who write down everything,

the ones who see,

and yet,

I’m thinking ’bout you,

Frank Ocean in the background,

singing about you,

and I can’t;

not right now.

Because this is improbable,

impossible, and you…



you just have to find out the rest from me,

next time we speak.

Which will be,



Fingers crossed,

red lights;


Break in time,

green lights.



Say you’ll go with me.


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