Dirty Girl


You must be too pretty for your own good.

Maybe you gave him the wrong impression,

because when his smile turned into a leer,

you didn’t run.

When he waited for you to walk by

just to tell you
“You look better in dresses than anything else”

You kept your tongue in cheek,

not wanting to say anything.

It had to be a one time thing.

Because your co-workers wouldn’t take you seriously,

why would they, when every other person complained about his perversity?

Because it’s okay, to be complimented,

by a man 30 years your senior.

So, when in the middle of conversation he tells you to turn around,

don’t question it.

You must stand still

when his fingers brush along your neck,

and always reply “yes”

when he is calling your name.

Otherwise you are wrong,

and you’re making all of this up.

What are you talking about?

They never even saw him take a glance your way.

And even if he did—


just roll with it.

It doesn’t matter if

only seconds ago he was talking about his daughter,

and then minutes later he has his hands on both your shoulders,

because you wore a skirt to work

and “It’s nice to have somebody who dresses like a girl for a change.

“Come over here more often.”

Because I’m sure he meant it dotingly,

Your cringing was simply over-exaggerating.

I mean he’s only 60 something.


And by now,

you should know better than to dress up for yourself.

Because if you don’t impress men,

what’s the point of dressing up?


And now that you mention it,

they’ll tell you it’s merely nothing.

That’s he’s just a creepy old man,

but he’s never really ‘done’ anything.

And they will wonder why when he calls your name,

you flinch and shut your eyes.

And when it gets to the point

where you can’t even walk by

his department without feeling his stare,

maybe it is time to inform those upstairs.

In the plush HR office,

they will tell you they’ll do something about it,

but you shouldn’t have provoked him.

They will tell you it will be taken care of,

but he’ll still have a job.

And you should feel guilty,

when they look at you sideways.

And you should feel guilty,

he no longer speaks to you now.

And you should feel guilty for saying something,

And you should feel guilty for thinking so highly of yourself because—


don’t you know

these men were merely stating

that you are very pretty,


you are too pretty,

too damn pretty for your own good.


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