I am living

saturated in undeseving grace.

And I am living,

as a reminder of the faith.

That the fight is hard,

but the battle is already won.

And I am living,

because angels do have wings.

And no one has ever heard of them,

or told stories of them sinking.

I am living because somewhere,

every day,

someone shouts “Hallelujah”.

And I am living because these are

the days of Elijah.

And Moses.

And Noah.

And David.

I am living,

because I believe in the greatest prophet that ever lived.

And if Jesus could rise from the grave

so that I don’t have to live forever in sin,

then let me not take a razor to my wrist.

Let me focus on just this:

let me breathe out and not cave in.

Life is more than just the daily


and you are not

your lowest degradation.

Tomorrow is made

for second


101th chances.

Tomorrow is made for change,

because we have the faith,

because we have undeserved grace.

And I am rising,

because I was not made to sink.


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