Update: Good Things

So guys,

As you may or may not know, I’m a staff writer on my university’s literary magazine club. It makes me so happy and I get to be in a community of people who love words and writing and creativity and who make me think. I get to read so many stories and poems and analyze and I’m in nirvana basically.

Anyhow, tonight we had a really late meeting to finish up our manuscript and another one of my pieces: Satellites, got in! The reason this is so important to me is that I wrote it, with no one in mind. I have other pieces inspired by Aaron: my ex, Kyle,
Zeke, Juan, Marshall even, people you, dear reader/follower may never know, but have read countless poems/prose about them. Yet, “Satellites” I wrote for me. “Emma” I wrote for me with no guy in mind or inspiring it and I find those pieces make me happier, those pieces have more of me and more heart in them because they are my voice, they are me experimenting.

I’m not saying these boys no longer inspire me, because they all do; some frequently, others I haven’t written about or referenced in months.
Heck, Kyle’s being blatantly mentioned and my “erotica” phase poems are mainly written with someone else in mind (“The Tangible Hunger”; “Adoration”) and though I actually love the idea of these poems, part of my soul holds onto who I was thinking of when typing it & why.

But I wanted to thank you for your constant support, your recent likes, and your addition to my follower count. You guys give me hope and motivation.
*I especially love comments ;)*
But I will keep doing this because it is what I love and interacting with others through words is my passion.

Thank you for taking time out of your day for me;

Over the moon,


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