The Loving Urgency

I was experimenting;
This is a few ideas wrapped into one.
Title suggestions? 


I can’t decide
if I want our bed to be
tsunami or

Before there are introductions made
I am placing
your hands on any
open areas that
he has not contaminated;

I beg of you
for branding.
Make me yours
while I’m still breathing.

I long for contortion
convulsions of desire
epileptic urgency
as I crave to twist myself around
and in you,
I want to let you own me
take over me.

And you,
You stare at me blankly.

I throw my hair over my shoulder
expose neck,
slip sleeves down,
stretch to reveal small of back.
I grab your hands and press
them into me;
I have given up
on waiting for poetry.

Yet there is no heat.
You let your hands fall
from me;
I begin to lose steam.
I am confused and you are

you’re leaving?
You turn back to me,
eyes full and expression haunting.
And slowly—-

you come back.

Hands pushing shoulders
until I fall back;
back on mattress.
I crane my neck, pucker
lips, expect kiss
expect your fetish and roughness and instead,

You place a kiss on my forehead.
My eyes open and you brush some hair back.
Your fingers trace around my lips,
I encircle my fingers round your wrist.
You press your forehead to mine,
and as I look down, kiss my eyelids.

I pull back in wonder,
and your smile has grown softer.
“A kiss
is just a kiss.
Any body can burn
up to ashes.”

I reach for your face,
but you pull away and I wonder
if you are trying to teach me
what’s worth lasting.

I close my eyes,
wait for sleep;
sometime in the middle of the night
I hear you creep
into my room,
onto the springs,
the bed creaks
and you wrap yourself around me.

In the silence,
we gently rock ourselves into dreams.
I am burning up,
you press kisses to my neck,
and something like love is washing over

This is now our urgency.


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