Put myself on the line for you
Tied down to the railroad ties for you
And yet you push forward;
Full steam ahead.

Yet this time,
I’ve brought along a knife,
Tucked into my garter
For this very reason,
And as I cut away at the ropes,
Maybe I’m ruthless because
No tears are shed.

I push myself to standing and place a foot on the rail
You are threatening,
Your warning whistle piercing the air,
And my eyes are unrelenting,
Slits cut sharp in a glare.

I’ve waited for you to
Battle out your inner demons,
But you fueled the fire.
You shut yourself out,
Buried beneath the coal.

You can’t sit here,
Leaning out your sidecar,
With soot smeared face and tired brow
Angry that I’m leaving.

I’m sorry, lover.
But frankly,
I got too damn tired
of you
running me over.


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