I See Fire (Kygo Remix)

I think
I wrote erotica
because I forgot
what it was like
to touch

and be touched.

Toward the end,
between him and I
very few know
it was all touch.
Never sex.

Maybe that was catalyst.

Over the course of a few hours,
you were reaching for my hand.

I wish you knew about virgin flesh.

I wish my skin burned your hands.

I wished that I was a toxin,
an atrophy,
a disease.

I wish
I wish
I wish

now I’m left with phantom
patterns on skin
and a plaguing sickness
some vagrants call


One thought on “I See Fire (Kygo Remix)

  1. I like this piece a whole lot. It’s raw and honest and I love the lines that are wishes. Radical.

    I’m Tyler, one of the editors for Bard Publishing, and we’re looking for contributors from outside our immediate area (currently, the Monterey Bay, California area) to publish on our blog and eventually in print editions of our zine “Indecent”. Our goal is to build a community of writers, artists and like minds in order to take over the world, or something. At the very least, we just want to hear and be heard, and to allow others a space to do the same. To inform the populace that it’s time to step up our game. If you’d like to contribute anything to the community, hop on over to our blog, check out what we’re about, and you’ll find all the info you need to submit work and whatnot.

    Everything is a Construction / Buildings can be Broken,


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