Only a Week Later

What’s funny is that:
I liked you.
Some part of me
(Still) likes you
And wants your smiles directed at me.

And what’s bittersweet is that:
You’re no good for me
You’ll never be good for me,
But I can’t seem to get you out of my head.

Because every time I see
Some couple touch,
I remember how natural it was
For you to have your hands on some part of me,

And that’s probably foolish of me,
To still be taken with your eyes,
And want your hands on my hips
And our noses touching,
A smile playing on your lips.

I know little
To nothing
About you,
So this shouldn’t hurt that much.

But I do know,
Around you, smiles were
A lot easier to come by
And I’d laugh at least once in
Your presence.

You should never have kissed me,
That’s for sure.
Because though I am partially a red head,
I’m not the girl for you,
Nor am I your cure.

I’m confusing comedy
With tragedy.


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