To the 3rd Person Who Will Kiss Me,

they say good things come in threes.

insert the menage a trois joke here

I never had to learn to love myself.
I never had to “find God”.

But I’ve lost Him;
and I will cry out to Him,
before I scream your name in
a sweat-drenched bed
after marriage.

know this now

is far too beautiful a thing
to spend it

For someone,
for something,
for yours to begin

instead embrace,
the arms that are HELLBENT on holding you
not throwing you down
or keeping you warm.

I have enough passion
and fire to not find it in me
to beg for your coals.

I want you to know, babe,
That I am fucking okay without you.

But I’m sick of sleeping alone,
so next time I roll over,
kiss me.



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