Take a crystal.

Pierce my skin

Your hand on my heart.

Turn two notches.

Watch me glow.

Not all keys are metal,
some are made of mineral.
And though water doesn’t flow red,
the same cannot be said of iron.

I am no longer lost city.

I am no longer ancient mystery.

You dove into stretches of
uncharted waters,
Swam deep into trenches
that did not promise
oxygen pockets,

just to find me.

Did not give me a chance
to let my mind wonder
whether my ruins
satisfied the
inbred fantasy,

Because the minute you broke the surface,
your eyes rose up meet mine,
your feet to follow in bounds,
crystal held in palms,

You saw that I
was no longer
buried treasure;
I was
discovered lottery.

You saw the cracks,
trampled debris,
and you still wanted all of me.

I was better than—
I was more than—-
my wreckage of a history.

And though I believe
every word you say to me,
I do think you’re mistaken.

you may have found
the lost city,
but you lost your heart
at the bottom of the sea.


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