“Exhaling Catalysts” Prompt

“I want you to believe in something you cannot.” – Bram Stoker


I deserve the best.
I deserve flowers on Tuesday
& a guy who doesn’t want to
compromise my virginity.

I deserve to be happy;
his 1AM passenger seat navigator,
radio 104.5 blasting on the radio,
making out at red lights;
When that’s not enough,
the road has a shoulder.

I deserve to be put first;
to have my meals paid for,
doors opened & that’s including
walking around his car.
Surprise dates he’s been planning
for months now,
random gifts because he wants to spoil.

I deserve to be loved;
his fingers running through my
hair, tracing circles on my hip,
slipping into mine when my hand is
near his.
Legs tangled together as he kisses
my crown, my forehead, any open skin
She’s All That playing off Netflix.

I deserve to be taken seriously;
to be passionate & crazy about
a career path that is not exactly
“easy money”;
to have someone pray for me,
grow with me,
be just as ambitious, goal chasing.

I deserve to have a “rebellious stage”;
to scream obscenities & not always
act like a lady;
to dance dirty, live presently,

I deserve to be “kinky”;
to straddle my boyfriend & have
him squeeze me,
to get hickeys, to kiss collarbones,.
& the hollows of throats;
nibble on ears & grope at hips,
backsides, and thighs.
Pull my leg around your waist &
I might bite.
All is not fair in love & war,
especially when your hands roam all over.

want to believe,
want to be heard;
Because I am a lion,
therefore it is fitting that I
should roar.

I deserve to have something
to live for.


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