I was a rock
in your ever-changing tide.
I was what you could cling to,
if you ever decided to be steady.
I was what would you could count on,
even when you beat against me.

And I find you rushing all around me,
tracing the roughed up edges of my body,
and even though this river is muddy,
I am sedimentary.
You splash against me,
strip away at what makes me deadly,
unaware rocks smooth over time.

I am losing crevices, babe,
and soon there will be nothing left
that I can offer you to
hold onto.

One day, love,
you may just reach for me,
but by then,
through your own handy-work
I will be slippery.

You should’ve loved me while
I was unmoving.
Instead of splitting
at the sight of me.


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