Earth laughs in flowers
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

He pulls lily petals over my head,
out of my skin,
wonders what it’s like to make me blush
rose red.

let’s make our bed out of daisies.

I will bind you
with twigs and
you entangle yourself
around me like ivy
until we are both breathing in bloom.

let’s exhale jasmine,
let’s fall heady against petals as
I lose my touch against yours.

I will wake up
to your sunflower mouth,
kissing the yellow light under my chin,
dandelions bursting within.

I want you to become moss and
spread over every inch of me.
You are my true north,
you are firm constant,
rooted tree.

And I will find a way,
to float over your skin
like lily pads
and blossom not only in spring.

You tangle your fingers in my hair,
making garlands from carnation sighs,
and I wonder who prefers cherry blossoms,
when the press of your mouth
flourishes tulips.

maybe this moment
is our meadow.
And though spring is not forever,
growth can be eternal.

I want your hands buried in my soil.
I want to grow over your every cell.



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