It’s Been Over A Month and I Still Fear This

You make me fear things:
like kissing.

And somehow,
my breath still catches
thinking about me
in that oversized sweatshirt
and the blue hooded top you wore,
your hands pulling me closer
and me laughing against your lips.

And my God,
I was probably,
am probably
a bad kisser.

And it’s been over a month
now, but I can still
remember that week.
I can remember the words we didn’t speak
the times nothing needed to be said.

I can remember biting your lip.
And asking for more.
And I remember how you got me to shut up.
Your mouth
on mine.
And for a few moments,
things felt so secure.

And I was
probably am still
a bad kisser.

So I guess
what I’m getting to
is this:
I’m happy
you found a cure,
and you’re healing
every time you kiss

I hope she,
for your sake,
is not
a bad kisser.


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