Literary Sexts: May 27th – June 12th

Let me be your cigarette;
Light me up,
exhale my name.

(I Long to Be Your Ash)

You make me feel like getting into a warm car in the middle of summer;
I am sweat-drenched,
and your lips are sticking to my skin like leather.

(I’ll Gladly Melt Into Your Interior)

Spit me up like embers.
Look at how I fall for you.

(Tonight There’s Fire Your Eyes)

You rival Saturn’s selfishness because the rings he keeps wrapped around himself cannot compare to how tightly your arms have me encompassed.

(Our Love Makes the Planets Jealous)

Our bed is desert;
we meet each other with sand-filled mouths and find 100 different places that are synonymous with “oasis”.

(You, Love, Are Most Welcome Escape)

You run through my body like currents:
I am filled with both lightning and the sea.
Electrocution has never felt so sweet.

(You Are My Kite; I Am Your Key)


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