I’ve Been Thinkin’ Bout You, You know, know, know

I’m falling off your map;
right between the points of:
“Get to know her”
and “Remember when we—-.”

I have found that
just because you think of someone
doesn’t mean you cross their mind as
at all.

I have found that
there is nothing to really
of me.

I keep conjuring up
where again
our eyes will meet;
half of them,
you smile weakly;
murmur you miss me.

And I keep
wanting you to reach out
and contact me.
Reach out
and grab hold
of me.

Because this time last year,
we barely knew anything about each other.
And by September,
I was full on
head over heels
falling for….
I don’t know

And I want to tell you,
that I don’t care.
But, I never lied to you.

I guess what I’m saying is,
after everything,
I still remember how your brow furrows,
and how your eyes lit up.

I can still see your face when you’re laughing
and somehow, I’m still the girl that goes into the trailers.
We just don’t sit on boxes and have heart-to-hearts,

Because though, I’m just the there for the moment,
and though I’m trying to forget,
you unfortunately gave me plenty to miss,
and I guess,
I’m not over you yet.


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