“You don’t need to choose 
when fire exists.”
– Victoria Erickson

You don’t need to settle for less.

You don’t need to take in
the “Cute”s
the “Naive”s
the “Innocent”s.

I swear those who mock
are too busy
washing out their own

I swear those who insist
you “bang” everything
that walks
aren’t getting any.

And I’ll let ‘em think
that when we’re contracting against each other’s bodies
and you’re are pulling me against you
until the air is choked between us,
that I’m still a good girl.

I won’t tell them how you feed me the universe
and that you lit my blood up.

I won’t tell them
your name is forming scars on my spine.
And you’ll make up some elaborate story
about how some you were in fight club
and that’s why you got the split lip.

Because both you and I know
is not a synonym for

But we’ll let ‘em think, babe.

And then you and I will set fire to our bed,
rolling to douse out our clothes,
without removing them.
Sometimes the best infernos are


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