Body Party

“I know you hear my body calling you…”

So put down the phone;
Prowl across the mattress,
push the tendrils of chocolate off my
face & tease.

Gently at first,
mouth to mouth, but lips aren’t
touching & I don’t know
if you’re breathing me
in or stealing my breath.
You smile wickedly, nonetheless.

And as my chest is rising,
I’m pushing your hands down
reluctantly & you are biting &
whispering all the things you could
do to me.

My heart has fallen past my
All chords you are plucking are
below the belt.
And you are no longer merely caressing.

When you squeeze
you are memorizing flesh;
you are letting my sighs,
my moans,
cloy your memory.
You are relishing this power
over me.
Only you can tune me to the
right key.

And suddenly your lips
ignite every note & my body
fills with wind & I am an
Blood rushing,
throughout & I don’t know if
I am saying your name
or confusing you for God.

Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

Pumps &
breath falling
all over me;

“My body’s calling you.”


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