The Act of “Love” Making

when Mommy and Daddy
don’t cover your eyes.

Watch Mommy rest her head against Daddy’s chest
as you stumble across the backyard.

Watch our fingers link 
as you fly down the slide.

Let me kiss your curls
and let him kiss your toes.

He’ll rock you to sleep
and I’ll lay you down,
before we fall together again,
waltzing to the sound of your breathing.

And every time he tells me, “We did good.”
And every time I reply, “Too good.”
Know that now this is how we say, 
“I love you.”

Know that the act of making
is not complete
until you are holding Love
in your arms.

Until Love’s cry is your alarm.
Until Love’s laugh
finds you swearing on your knees
you’ll never cause Love harm,
and whoever does,
won’t have knees to swear on.

Know that any display of affection
in your presence
is our way of paying penance
to your tangible essence—-

Know it’s okay to hold the one you love
in your arms lying across the grass in the park,
to kiss one another in the midst of cooking dinner,
and not just in the dark.

Know both boys and girls deserve love 
and you should never be afraid to show
your make-up.

when Mommy and Daddy are fifty,
kissing in the street,
I have a feeling I’ll hear you say “thank you”
while others make faces.
I have a feeling you’ll be smiling and finally understand:
“That’s how Mommy and Daddy made me.”


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