To the Girl Who Wakes Up to an Empty Mattress,

Know that sunlight
is your truest
most loyal

Know that when you stretch upon its rays
it will kiss your aching limbs
and caress the plains of your body
with the precision of Michelangelo
carving the David.

All those empty promises that were made 
to you the night before
will be forgotten
as the biggest star
spills over your counter tops,
putting rainbows
in your coffee.

Never put the light
of day in your friendzone.
Never waste your loving 
during the night.

Know the urgency of whatever
is cloaked in darkness
is meant in that moment,
so that is where it may stay.

Know that anything said in the light
cannot be sugar-coated, but instead
is full of sincere
and sweet truth.

Know that true love
and saying
is in its purest form
when it satisfies all your

Know that breakfast is best spent
with someone who is willing to hold you for three hours
after they’ve woken,
before finally rising from memory foam and down feathers; 
even if it’s three in the afternoon. 

Know that brightness
doesn’t necessarily
mean “blinding”.
Know that you deserved to be loved in the light
because someone as brilliant as you deserves to be seen. 


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