Literary Sexts: June 12th- August 6th

I am champagne kisses and you are summertime wine. Soon as the the cork flies, we become spilt mess of bubbles and bodies.
We learn each other’s flavors in the time it takes the stains to dry.

(You Leave Me Hungover, Heated, and Heady)

We fade into one another like shadows;
accepting our own shade after we have made the heat.

(We are Making the Sun Unhappy)

You play me like a piano, gently caressing each of my keys.
I find you humming to the tune of my blood rushing as if it’s the intended melody.

(You are Far Too Sexy to be Tchaikovsky)

I am becoming a bilingual:
I understand the language of your hands as if it was my native tongue.
You are my Tower of Babel.

(Every Night We Speak in Bodies)

You lick me like a flame;
“I love you”s drip from your lips like wax,
and my body burns for you like a wick.

(Our Lust Requires No Match)

Kiss me like cascades;
I want to feel you falling over me.

(I Am Drenched in Your Touch)

Read me like a book;
Press your kisses to my body like pressing petals into pages, saving all your favorite parts.

(Be My Bibliophile)

You crack me open like caverns;
spelunking down my sides and grasping every crevice.
You’ll let yourself fall farther, if it means you can explore.

(I’ll Be Your Cave of Wonders)

I watch you laugh with the sunlight spilling through your teeth;
you throw your head back and suddenly I am covered in morning.

(We Made Love in the Night and Fell in Love with Dawn)

Let me crumble from your mouth like pastry.
Devour me when you celebrate.
Crave me when your heart aches.

(You, Lover, are Sweetest Taste of Decadence)

You worship my body like you do not know the way your touch baptizes me.
While the others are singing hymns, I’ll hold you like a rosary.

(If Your Hands are gods, Then I’m a Polytheist)

You have me like hourglass; your touch is like sand sifting through my hips.
When I become heap full of dust at the bottom,
you press your lips to my neck, flip me over, and we begin again.

(Lover, Time Stops for Us)

I am in love with the structure of notes and you live for the first sound of their melody. Let’s press our bodies close and see how long it takes us to form a symphony.

(I Can Love You Without Metronome)

You say my name like trumpet’s blare, like soliders’ cry.
I fall like Jericho’s wall on seventh day, like city waiting for you to plunder.
Burn up everything within me.

(I Will Gladly Give Myself Over to You, Lord Willing)


3 thoughts on “Literary Sexts: June 12th- August 6th

  1. This is amazing! I am truly speechless! I have never encountered anyone who writes in the style you do, I’m certainly going to follow you after that. This was one of the best pieces I’ve read on here, wow!

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