This is how I write when I’m content

It is always by a counter top;
the bait of our first kiss dripping off my body in waves and somehow
your lips are none the wiser.

What does this moment taste like?
My hands are freezing cold, palms kissing the counter
and your arms encircle my waist from behind.
We watch a hummingbird drink.

A butterfly heartbeat passes between us and I think “This is it. This is what itmeans.”
And you press a kiss to my temple and hold me.
Just hold me; no fingers memorizing the dip between my hips and stomach,
no teeth grazing nape of neck.

Soft entanglement.
My heart is a mermaid, swearing by a siren song,
only to end up in someone else’s net.

The hummingbird flies away and takes my breath with it. We stand near a sink with a leaky faucet, knowing each drop of water is not the only thing falling in this moment…

knowing what starts now,
may never end.


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