Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

I have cared for your opinion
as if you lift the stars
from a box on your nightstand
and hang each one preciously,
each one precariously in the sky,
because you have been master of the universe
in my body galatica
and I still feel like the final frontier
every time
you leave;

I became space:
cold and empty
and you were never orbiting.

But I remember the days when you
saw the pattern in the rays
from the sun,
and positioned moons like mirrors,
so the warmth might hit me…

is a planet reinstated, love.
There has never been an end out here;
in the darkest heavens,
we remain the only things
with finality.

Life is too short
oxygen is too few
to waste breaths on opinions
that last shorter than the lifespan
of a star;
even the ones blown out
too soon.


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