Window Displays

Let’s pretend we’re lovers.
I want to be running through the moonlight with both yours hand around one of my mine,
speed of light crashing into the diner,
but nobody looks up when the door chimes.

I want to move to the booth in the corner,
where our fingers entwine over the table
and our legs tangle beneath.
I want to hide behind a menu like Sandy and Danny,
but I know I’m the one secret you can’t keep.

So when we sip our milkshakes from separate straws,
you’ll move yours close to mine.
You’ll watch the way my lips move in steady rhythm,
and we’ll lose track of time.

And when we leave that diner,
we’ll say it was our first date.
We’ll walk slow to your car,
your coat on my shoulders,
and I’ll tell you I want to stay.

Let’s slip into your backseat
like kids who know better,
but crave touch just the same.
I never thought this would be the way
I’d kiss you, love,
but I swear you can hear my heart race.

Let’s pretend we’re lovers, babe.
Even if it’s for a day,
I want to dress up, act real cute,
hold hands while we cross the street
and have you smile at me,
come on,
let’s play.


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