Love her with no bounds.

love like this woman here
is vessel,
cave of wonders.
To be inside her is
to let yourself
to buckle,
to watch her shiver as you call out
her name
and hear it bounce back
like an echo.
To touch her with love means
to steady,
to push back all pretenses
and watch her undulate,
like a wave against your body.
To go down on her
is to remind her,
she is a treasure,
you, a worshipper.
Every time she shakes,
you feel like glory
is that much closer.

Love her,
like she was made for you
to show your love to.
Love her
like she is the most precious thing
you will ever make love to.
Love her,
because she wants to know that her body
is worthy of being treated right,
worthy of being taken care of,
worthy enough
for someone.
Only love her if that person
is you.


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