I should’ve seen it coming:

10th grade and I was falling for you
like every other girl in our grade had.
We had joked about dancing together
and I had glared at you every time a slow song came on.

When you had worked up the courage to ask me,
“Apologize” was playing
and Scott was holding a conversation with you,
while I laughed at your nervousness.

And if we had known Journey
would’ve ended the night,
maybe things would’ve worked out differently.
It wasn’t your typical slow song.

Strangers waiting,
up and down the boulevard.

Tempo picked up and we changed
positions to a waltz.

Streetlight people,
living just to find emotion.

I remember you telling me to sing,
I remember laughing.
I was young
and very naive.

And now it is seven years
and you’re getting married
and I’m happy
for you.

Because for that girl,
the world is a little less lonely,
and you’ve found emotion.


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