I Love YOU More…

Part of you
is waiting for the poem
where you don’t write about him
with love between the lines.

A boy who spent the majority
of your friendship
trying to get you in his bed,
is not really a friend.
You’re ashamed it took you
this long to see that.

You are mad
that you only realize
how much he’s failed you
after an argument,
a disagreement,
about how this time
in the company of friends
he is not looking away from you
and biting his lip

about how this time
he barely hugs you goodbye
because others are watching

and you remember that time
he told you, you could be something
but not there
and not in front of mutual friends
and somehow,
you still made time for him

you still put effort in—

all of you
wants to stop pouring out love
for people
for “friends”
who will never be worth it.


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