It’s Nice to Know

I’m sitting in the
parking lot of Red
Robin and thinking about
how this whole plan
to have “peace of
mind”, even if it means
forcing myself to be
happy, actually feels a lot
like just happy.

I’m okay with that.

Driving down the highway,
picking up dresses
I have no plans for
(yet) and smiling
to whatever song
comes off the speaker,
liking the way I look
meeting the one person
who’s made an effort to see me
over this very chill break,

unlike the last time
I was here with
somebody who only
has ever truly given me

It’s nice.
To write some stupid poem
while waiting,
to appreciate
the little things,
the people who stay,
to grow into
your own life;
to know
after a very rough month,
you can be okay
after making mistakes.


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