Tell me what the hood of your truck feels like.
I think i want to melt into warm metal.
I think I want to look at the stars so much
that my love for constellations
causes them to tremble.
I think I want the sky to fall on me.

Tell me that that is a kind of love.

See us sitting in a field,
flannel blanket amidst wild flowers.
You murmur about life’s imperfections and I laugh a garden.
We entwine under an indigo sky
and there are vines connecting with pinpoints of life.
I think I want to root into earth.
I think I want the soil to take our fingerprints
twist our DNA
until we are nothing more than dandelion fluff
and children are wishing on the fantasy of us.

Tell me that that is a sign of blooming.

Tell me we can be something
under a dark sky
amidst swaying stems.
Tell me that summer is more than just “I think”
and “are wishing”.
Show me more than
“kinds” and “signs.”

Promise me
that we, too, can be wonderful.


Future Realities

like a stain on your lips
that doesn’t come from kisses.
Like the first ray of sunshine
that signals spring.
Like believing this life is not the end,
like hoping for bliss.
Like kindness.

like a sugar rush.
Like constant laughter
running like light
through an open floor plan.
Like children falling to the floor,
rolling on their backs and giggling.
Like sanded furniture.
Like wild flowers,
fresh flowers
springing from every crevice.

like silence,
like an honest promise,
one that’s kept.
Like moments where it is you
and God
and the birds singing on the window
and maybe you’re in that townhouse
or that cottage
but you’re smiling easier
and in awe of the littlest of things
like the way ice cube press together,
share space with tea
with citrus
with everything that represents simplicity.

like possibility.
Like this life you’re living,
like what the future could hold.

like waking up
and realizing
this world
is your dream.


Earth laughs in flowers
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

He pulls lily petals over my head,
out of my skin,
wonders what it’s like to make me blush
rose red.

let’s make our bed out of daisies.

I will bind you
with twigs and
you entangle yourself
around me like ivy
until we are both breathing in bloom.

let’s exhale jasmine,
let’s fall heady against petals as
I lose my touch against yours.

I will wake up
to your sunflower mouth,
kissing the yellow light under my chin,
dandelions bursting within.

I want you to become moss and
spread over every inch of me.
You are my true north,
you are firm constant,
rooted tree.

And I will find a way,
to float over your skin
like lily pads
and blossom not only in spring.

You tangle your fingers in my hair,
making garlands from carnation sighs,
and I wonder who prefers cherry blossoms,
when the press of your mouth
flourishes tulips.

maybe this moment
is our meadow.
And though spring is not forever,
growth can be eternal.

I want your hands buried in my soil.
I want to grow over your every cell.


My Next First Kiss

I want someone to love my soul.

Fall in love with their eyes closed.

I always told him I hated cliches,

and maybe I was lying.

Granted, I have never been one for roses…

But I have always fallen for cheesy.

And maybe that’s true to character…

Or maybe I’m full of surprises.

Did you know my favorite flowers are Tiger Lilies?

Did you know I’d rather have WarHeads,

Jolly Ranchers,

and Sour Patch Kids on Valentines day?

Dates to the aquarium,

Kisses in shadow and reflections of water.

Take me to an art museum, but stare at me for hours.

I would like to say I’m not asking for too much…

But aren’t I supposed to?
Shouldn’t I not settle?

Running through city streets through snowfall,

Lantern light and fingers entwined.

Lying on the hood of your car and staring at constellations,

If only I knew which was what and how to tell time.


Will you fit me?
While lights puncture and beats pulse,

Bodies surrounding and switching.


I hope you make me smile. I hope I can go on for days and you just chuckle and shake your head.

I would like to tell you I’m picturing your eyes…

But I’m not completely over his yet.

I hope you are a child,

A man who knows when to be quiet and when to hold me.

I hope you love your family and mine.

I hope you’re open and upfront from the start.

I hope I never know you entirely…

And I hope to spend my life learning you.

Chase me.

Catch me;

but let me be free.

Make me happy.

And I will live for you…

I will sacrifice blindly.

Call and I’ll be there.

Jump the fence,

run through fields and drive through fog.

Stand in the rain,

splash through puddles.

Bodies in flooded car light,

Dead night

Middle of the street,

Soaked couple slow dancing,

Elvis on the radio.

PLEASE have good music taste.

Be passionate

About your dreams,

your family,

your ambitions,

your faith or fears,



And smile.

Let me gaze at you for all the time in the world.

Let us have all the time in the world.
Be my next (my first) great love.

Correct me,

fight me,

support me.

Read my blog,

my stories,

my bad poetry.

Lift me up, but don’t break me down.

Stop my analyzing and let me live in the moment.

Show me how to love the present.

Stop my worrying,

let me feel your heart beat,

let me trace the outlines of your features.

Your eyebrows,
Your nose
Your lips.

Talk to me til morning,
Dream of me at night.

Speak honestly,

sing softly,

laugh loudly.

Quote movies, burst out in song.

Make puns and fall for the sound of my laugh.

Geek out with me,

and let me eat to my heart’s content.

Pay for my meals…occasionally

But let me spoil you.

Blast your music,

drive me around for hours,

and understand my obsession with KPop,

(though I won’t force you to love it).

Trust me.

Talk to me;


even when you’re frightened.

Even when you’ve never spoken your thoughts aloud.

Travel the world with me;

We’ll see Paris and Rome and Barcelona.
Greece. Morocco. Ireland.

First the Louvre, then the Trevi Fountain.

Make a wish, but keep your eyes closed.

Miss me.

Tease me.

Look at me.

I will be yours,

and I will expect.

Help let love consume me,

but still live independently.

Pray for me.

encourage me,

and put this first.

Look to my God,
Call to my God,
Love my God…
Am I asking for too much?
For someone to share my faith, but not a religion.

Seek guidance,

always respect,

and show affection.

But most of all let me anticipate,

because though I say I hate surprises,

I will let you lead.

I will let go of control and I will let you kiss me first.

Whoever you are.