I loved you like war;
Sacrifice was unquestioned.
I’d lie down
repeatedly in the trenches,
in wait of a bullet that was meant for you.
I’d jump in its path,
take its hit and
fall down,
hoping my blood would speak your name
one last time.

He loved me like healing;
Bandaging each wound you left
gaping open.
Pulling out shrapnel
from the skin that
lay over my throat,
my lungs,
my heart.;
each piece embedded with your initials.

You crashed like thunder;
angry and frightening,
weathering a storm you chose to face without me.
Her fingertips caressed you like drops of rain,
and the sight of me was like lightning,
illuminating all your mistakes.

He broke me like china;
decorated my surface was promises
and fine words.
Got angry at beauty that
disguised vulnerability;
each vase, each plate a reminder of
tragedy met with empathy.
I lay in pieces on his floor,
fractured and chipped.

He never had the courtesy to
sweep me up.


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